They’re spectacular and spellbinding – the ski school demo shows are often breath-taking. A regular feature in the programme is the torch relay. But isn’t it easy to get burnt? We asked all about it.

No, it’s not Las Vegas, it’s Ischgl! Admittedly, if you go for a walk past the Prennerhang around 9pm this evening, you would be forgiven for getting them mixed up. A mystical laser show, special effects, fireworks and a whole heap of skiing skills – in other words, the Ischgl Ski School Demo Show! A total of four demo teams and the Paznaun Freestyle Club will provide an unforgettable evening for all visitors with their almost hour-long show.

And an integral part of a ski show like this is, of course, the traditional torch relay …

but hang on a minute: torch relay, fire, skiing? don’t they burn themselves? we’ve asked someone who knows all about it

“It can get a bit hot sometimes,” says ski instructor Tibi. He’s taken part in the demo shows for several years now – and in the torch relay in particular. He and his teammates swing from left to right in two groups, with a blazing torch in their hands. “The most important thing,” says Tibi, “is to always hold the torch properly forwards.” This is firstly to make sure there is enough distance from the body, and secondly for aesthetic reasons. Because “the people at the bottom should see be able to see the torch as well as possible.” In his years as a torch relay member, Tibi has never burnt himself, however. “We all wear thick gloves – and there’s also a kind of protective card attached above the gloves.” And the flames from above can’t get past that. Not even during the skiing.

Here are some impressions of past shows, filmed by visitors and shared online:

Ischgl Ski School Demo Show Demoshow der Skischule Ischgl
When? Today, February 5, 9 pm
Where?  Prennerhang,
Entrance is free of charge