This is a brochure summing up the tourist highlights of the Paznaun region in a very special way. It’s the first piece of advertising to be printed in colour – and was created in 1955.

In the same year, elections were held for the head of the tourism office. Erwin Aloys and Erwin Parth were appointed to coordinate the preparations for a cableway on the Idalp. And new brochures for the winter and summer seasons were needed.

One question, then: why weren’t they all in colour?

Until then, all the advertising material for the Alpine landscapes had always been in black and white.

By fortunate coincidence, an artist was staying in the Hotel Sonne who was very happy to take on the assignment of producing a relief map in colour. The format is unusually big: the colour brochure for the 1955 season measures 40 cm by 21 cm.

Its success was also big. Guests snapped up the beautiful map, and it went from being a practical object to a collector’s item. No wonder that the work of the anonymous artist was reissued immediately, once the first edition of the brochure had run out.