Take off your seatbelt? Not on this route, which goes from the Idalp up to the Palinkopf at a height of 2 864m. Do you recognize all the chairlifts we used on our round trip? When you get out of the gondola for the first time and see where all the lifts converge on the Idalp, you can quickly lose track: chairlift follows chairlift, and finding the right route for your first downhill run of the day is not so easy. Lying a good 500 metres above the Idalp, the Palinkopf is a great choice for anyone who wants to go a bit higher up. We rode the route for you and now we want to know: which chairlifts did we use to do it?

from the bottom to the top

After a short warm-up ride from the Idalp, the first chairlift is already waiting to bring you a few metres further up. Which lift are we looking for here?

UP, up and away

In comparison to the first lift, where you still sit as a foursome, six people can fit into this lift, which goes up a total of 994 metres in altitude. Opened in the 2018/9 season, this covered chairlift is a world record holder: no other lift can manage so many metres of altitude with so many passengers.

riding the chairlift with the stars 

Because the downhill runs from the Palinkopf are so great, we tried out all three chairlifts which take you to the summit. But only one of the lifts has a special design: you can admire the stars of the Top of the Mountain concerts on the back of the seats. That’s almost better than the view from the lift itself -but which lift do we mean?

back to the valley

After so many kilometres on the slopes and so many metres in height, it’s time to go back to the Idalp – for which we need a final lift to bring us down to the start of the descent into the valley. Its name is inspired by the valley itself – where are we sitting here?