This is where we take a look at the big moral questions in the daily life of a skier. For example: can I wear joggers to dinner if the hotel specifies “evening wear” but 1) it’s a very nice tracksuit and 2) I wear it at home every evening anyway?

What exactly is evening wear? By definition, it’s clothing that we wear in the evening, and that naturally opens up a whole spectrum of possibilities: it could mean a band T shirt or a football shirt on the top half. On the bottom, it could be anything from Y-fronts to tennis trousers, and statistically speaking, tracksuit trousers are in the top 10 percent, in terms of both quality and quantity. And let’s be honest: which of us who doesn’t have a “von” in their surname or isn’t called “Lagerfeld” walks around in the evening in a business suit, a skirt and jacket or a three-piece suit? Who puts on a tie to eat dinner at the kitchen table, who sprawls around on the sofa wearing brogues or high heels?

Exactly. Evening wear: a case for Adidas, a case for being comfortable. That’s only true, however, when you’re at home. Where you don’t meet anyone other than the people you live with. But that changes as soon as there could be people around who don’t have to live with you – and that’s especially true of hotels. Evening wear is a serious matter there. And just as well, too. At dinner in a hotel you meet people, and even if the hotel is family-run – the restaurant is a restaurant, a public place, and always will be. It’s a place where you sit with people whom you may never have seen before. And even if you have voyeuristic tendencies, you want to see these people as they would otherwise present themselves in public. Which means suitable clothing, and not, for example, a muscle shirt. And this is true for tracksuit bottoms, no matter how expensive they were. They’re trousers for home. And not for the bar.

So: make yourself comfortable, as the hotels always say. Be relaxed. Make yourself at home. That’s definitely right. But please, only in places where you really are alone or it’s just the two of you. At home. And preferably just in the evening there, too.