This is where we take a look at the big moral questions in the daily life of a skier. Such as: if someone has pinched my ski poles from the ski storage cellar, can I just take some other poles out of there?

The situation: you come down early into the hotel’s ski storage cellar, quickly find your skis and spend ages looking for your poles, the grey ones with the black straps and the sticker from the sports shop.

The analysis: someone has taken your poles with them, whether accidentally or on purpose, right now you don’t care.

The problem: you desperately want to go skiing, because the weather is wonderful, the slopes are amazing and you got up especially early. And you’re certainly not going skiing without poles, you’ve grown out of the ski kindergarten age by now (sadly):

The enquiry: two rows back are some poles lying on the floor, without skis, and they even look similar to yours

The conclusion: someone has probably taken the wrong poles (and won’t have much fun today, as the ones left behind are 25 centimetres shorter than yours, so they’ll really have to stretch).

The second take: this might not be the case, of course, and the poles lying there could simply belong to the pair of skis leaning against the wall two metres away.

The moral question: do you take these poles, which you know don’t belong to you, and go out onto the slopes (it’s really beautiful, the gondola has started running already, and every minute is valuable because more and more tracks are being ground into the untouched piste).

what should you do? the answer is a multi-part probability calculation.

How probable is it that someone is as crazy as you and got up especially at seven in the morning so they could take the first gondola at eight, even though last night was full on? How probable is it that this person is then also staying in the same hotel as you? How probable is it that this person is so crazy about skiing, yet still not with it enough to not recognize their own poles? And the most difficult question of all: how probable is it that you’ve calculated everything correctly now? Be a gentleman. Leave the poles there and borrow some from the ski rental.

We’ll have another look this evening.