They’re our best friends, so we really don’t like leaving them at home. But winter holidays with a dog are not so easy. At least not when you want both humans and animals to have a good time. We’ve put together 5 tips for you.

It’s a beautiful, clear winter day in Galtür and Jerry is jumping around excitedly in the snow. Jerry is a 5-year-old Tibetan terrier. He’s come to Paznaun from Frankfurt with his owner, Manuela. And now, early in the afternoon, is his time. After skiing in the morning, Manuela takes the dog for a walk for one and half hours. “Every day” she says, because “after all, it’s his holiday, too, he loves the snow!”

For dogs to enjoy their winter holidays as much as Jerry, though, dog owners have to take a few things into account. Trisanna has five tips for you:


The right accommodation:
in some hotels dogs are also welcome guests. But an apartment is usually a better idea, because they’re bigger and the dog feels more comfortable when it’s alone during the day.

The right preparation: if you’re going on holiday, you can’t just pack for yourself. Your dog also needs a bit of luggage. Bring their favourite blanket from home to make them feel good, perhaps even their food bowl.


Know your own dog:
some dogs are used to having company in everyday life. So what happens when there’s suddenly no one there for a whole morning? You do need to test out in advance if your dog really can stay alone for a longer period of time. And if not, there may well be a dog sitter in the resort who can help out for a couple of hours. (Spoiler: There is one in Ischgl – Jasmin)

Plan activities together: there are several things you can do together with your dog in winter as well. Perhaps you could pass up on a classic day of skiing for once and instead go on a snow hike or a ski tour where your dog can run along beside you.

The right care: some breeds have a bit more fur than others. Some are generally more robust, others are more sensitive. If your dog is cold, there’s nothing wrong with a dog coat. And pay attention to paw care, especially in winter. The de-icing salt on the streets can be very painful for our four-legged friends.