It’s always worth visiting Paznaun. In the winter, of course, but there are very special places to discover in the summer and autumn months, too. Here we share some of them with you.


If you want to experience the sunrise on the Mittagskopf, you have to get up early.  From Kappl, you go up part of the way up with the car. Then in the half-dark you hike for around an hour up to the summit, where you wait until the sun appears. It‘s worth all the effort. No other sunrise is comparable. It’s particularly beautiful when the sky is slightly cloudy and the rays of light break through the clouds.


The windhole near Kappl is particularly fascinating and rather mysterious. Air streams out of a hole in the bank. There is no clear explanation for where this air comes from or how it’s created. But then again, it doesn’t really matter. It’s an eerie experience, and the less we know about it, the eerier it is. Take a look for yourself.

There is some speculation, however, that a stream runs underground here, pushing the air upwards. But no one really knows.


You don’t always have to climb a high mountain to be able to see far. With a bit of luck, the view into the distance can also be very beautiful. In Galtür, for example, you only have to walk a short distance to be able to see the whole valley, the ski area and the town, too. The spot where is this is possible is the mountain station of what’s known by the locals as the “Böscherlift.” But this is where it gets problematic: the spot isn’t written down anywhere. And it can’t be found on any hiking maps, either.
So how do you get there? In the summer, it’s still pretty easy – there are guided tours, such as those led by Sigi Wolfart, the head of the local Intersport business. Once a week Sigi takes friends, and anyone who would like to, to the beauty spots of Galtür.

But if Sigi doesn’t have time (or if it’s the autumn), you can also get here on your own. You just have to walk along the panoramic valley path.  You really can’t miss the right spot – there are three open wooden shelters with tables and benches set up for a short break.

Here’s the route for the panoramic valley path – just click below on “Tour 11”.