The weather is treating us well this Easter week, very well indeed. What could be better than sitting outside the hut on a ski day and simply looking up? Up into the sun, of course. Trisanna visited some of the sun-worshippers.

SUNBED ISCHGL! Who needs a solarium in this weather? Exactly. But what do the visitors have to say about the past few days? Trisanna went to Alpenhaus on the Idalp and asked around:

Christian, Susanne, Sophia, Max, Klaus and Max from Schwerte, near Dortmund: “We actually are more into skiing, but it’s so warm, the weather is so wonderful, then you really enjoy sitting here a bit longer.”

Frank from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf: “This is my seventh time in Ischgl already, the first time I was here was 20 years ago. The weather is amazing, really awesome. We’ve been lucky every year, always at Easter. What you get here is a mixture of sun and super snow conditions – everything’s perfect.”

Claudia, Jan, Jörg, Ole, Gudula and Sonja from Mühlheim an der Ruhr: “It’s fantastic, just unbeatable. We skied earlier today on corn snow and now we’re relaxing in the sun. What makes Ischgl special is really what you get for your money. Every year it gets a bit better, they invest in Ischgl and you can see that.”

Sandra from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf: “There’s really only one word: it’s a dream! I do have to skip the skiing this year, but with this weather, it’s not so bad. So I sit here on the beanbag like a beatle in the sun.”
Viola from Essen: “This is already my fourth time in Ischgl and it’s just wicked, incredible.”

Monika and Rudolf from Mühlheim an der Ruhr and Kerstin from Hamburg: “We couldn’t have asked for better. Earlier on, my wife said she’d rather go to Mallorca than come skiing. Then she came with us one time, experienced everything on offer here, and since then we come every season. For 47 years now!”