Emilio Pircher from See may only be 8 years old, but he already plays the accordion as well as any adult – if not better. We spoke with him about his performances, his role model and his favourite pieces of music.

you began playing theaccordion when you were very young, when you were four. How come?

When I was still very little, I liked to listen to my granddad playing the accordion. Then I sat next to him with a cushion and moved it in time to the music. I was probably 3 years old, even then I really wanted to play, but there were no accordions in my size.

you began a year later

Yes, that’s exactly when I got my first accordion, too. It was made especially for me because there aren’t normally accordions as small as that. When I got bigger, then I needed a new one again. Now I’m playing on my third accordion, although my first one is still my favourite.


It reminds me of when I began playing. And my role model, Marc Pircher, autographed it at one of his concerts.

THESE DAYS, you play for an audience yourself. What was the best concert you ever played at?

I always like playing in front of an audience, but I remember one concert especially well. It was my first big performance, with about 200 people there. Suddenly I saw Marc Pircher in the audience, and then I did get a bit nervous. Marc Pircher at my concert, I thought, this can’t be happening.

how often do you play your accordion?

Every day, actually. Once a week I play with the music teacher, and I learn new pieces there. Otherwise I play every day after I’ve finished my homework.

are there pieces of music which you especially enjoy playing?

I like all classic accordion pieces. My favourites are “Der Stern am Himmel“, “Der Baum Und Sein Gaul“, and “Hey Slovko Spiel Uns Eins“.