Long, long before there were ski lifts in Paznaun, there were already ski instructors in Ischgl.  The Ischgl Ski School is celebrating its 90th birthday at the moment. We know how it all began.

They add value to every night show on the Prennerhang. It’s impossible to imagine the slopes without them, whether on the mountain or in the valley. Their blue and white jackets and red trousers are their trademark and signature style, they are known throughout the world, and it’s a privilege for many to belong to them: the Ischgl Ski School ski instructors are stars. Many tourists have taken part in their courses, and many could not imagine doing without their ski instructor. The singer Pink, for example, said after her legendary Top of the Mountain Concert: “I would have really liked to take my ski instructor straight back home with me.”

This picture shows the pioneers of the Ischgl ski instructors: from the left, Josef Zangerl, Bruno Aloys, Erwin Aloys and Josef Kathrein. They had worked with ski pioneer Hannes Schneider in St. Anton as assistant ski instructors, and then, a little more than 90 years ago, passed the national ski instructor examination in St. Christoph. On 16th December, 1929, Josef Zangerl and Josef Kathrein applied to the Tyrol state government for permission to open a ski school in Ischgl.
The answer came (almost) by return of post: on 27 March 1930, the state government duly confirmed the founding of the Ischgl Ski School. So the winter season 2019/20 is their 90th season. Congratulations on your birthday – you can never start too soon!