Sölden? Closed as of today. Arlberg? Also closed today. Only in Ischgl can you still ski until Wednesday. That’s it! Trisanna has 5 reasons why skiing is so great in these last few days. Go skiing now? It’s true that it does sound a bit weird at first, and not everyone fancies squeezing into functional underclothes and doing up ski boots once again – firstly, because it’s already May, secondly because the tennis courts are open, and thirdly because the bathing season has already started in some places.  But there really are good reasons to get out on the slopes again right now. For one very last time this season.
  • 1. The snow. Now it’s really soft, skis go through it like butter and you can even venture off piste as an amateur skier if you want to. Because corn snow is everywhere at the moment, and if you’re in the right place at the right time, you’ll feel a new quality of skiing – one which February skiers will never experience (see our corn snow tips in Paznaun here).
  • 2. The snow II. It snowed in Ischgl yesterday. Did you read that? It snowed! Yesterday! In Ischgl! So there’s new snow! It’s not just corn snow, there’s even powder snow! And the way the new snow feels at this time of year – well, you normally have to fly really far away to experience a powder snow like we have right now in Ischgl. To Japan or the west coast of the USA.
  • 3. The pistes. It’s true, a couple of people have already gone to the open air swimming pool or the lake. But it will be as full in Carinthia over the long weekend as it normally is on the Prennerhang at 15:45. Which means, because so many people are scrambling to get their towels down on the last free square centimetres by the lake, you’re free to go on all the slopes in Ischgl.
  • 4. Skiing is just a natural movement. Take up position. Put the skis on the edge. Push. Ease up. Move. Push again. Get faster and faster. Honestly, there is just no cooler movement. There is nothing more sublime than making turns on a perfectly prepared slope all by yourself, perhaps with a good tune playing in your ear to accompany you (Purple Rain? The guitar riff?). And then if it’s pleasantly warm as well, and the sun is shining and there’s no wind blowing snow crystals into your face from somewhere, but instead just the airstream making sure you feel the speed – why on earth should you go to the open air swimming pool?
  • 5. Sadly, it will be the final downhill run. On Wednesday it’s sadly all over in Ischgl too. And then we start an unimaginably long 296 days without skiing. You really should make the most of it.