There’s nothing better than skiing through new snow – other than, maybe, skiing in new snow under a shining sun. And yes, today is one of those days. We tell you what else the sun can do.

There are things which you really miss when they’re not there. That’s what the last few days were like without our beloved sun. There was no sign of it for days. Instead, the lifts were crippled by storms, mist and snowfall. So we’re looking forward to a bit of warmth and light more than ever. Trisanna tells you other ways in which the sun is good for us.

The sun calms us

Anyone who is out in the sun regularly has lower blood pressure than someone who has to make do with artificial light. One reason for this is that nitrogen oxide is produced in greater volumes in sunshine. High blood pressure is not just the cause of many cardiovascular diseases but also of memory problems.

The sun makes us sleep well

When people don’t see the sun, they suffer from poor sleep. The sun sets the human daily clock, and our bodies follow its rhythm. An American study concluded that people who have direct contact with sunlight sleep no less than 46 minutes longer each night. Sunlight is presumed to positively affect the regulation of the important neural transmitter melatonin, which in turn boosts healthy sleep.

The sun improves your mood

In the cold, dark season of the year, many people develop symptoms of depression. Many scientists assume that a lower level of serotonin is responsible for gloomy moods. This is probably related to the increased production of melatonin in the winter months. The fact is that the first rays of sun after a long absence from light produce an exceptional effect: your state of health increases instantly, and feelings of happiness spread throughout the body.