Partied hard? Drunk too much? Had fun? Trisanna has a couple of tips to help the aftermath of yesterday’s party vanish into thin air.

  1. Water. When you get up the next morning, you should drink half a litre of water or tea to stimulate the kidneys. Coffee, by the way, is not such a good idea, so try to limit your consumption just this once.
  2. Vitamins. The morning after is the critical time for vitamins and minerals. If you eat, say, three to five dates, the cocktail of vitamins and minerals will make you feel better sooner. That well-known hangover breakfast of herring salad, sour gherkins, scrambled eggs and a hefty soup works wonders for the same reason, too.
  3. Magnesium. An effervescent magnesium table is a pretty reliable help, as alcohol is a magnesium killer. It causes dehydration, meaning you also lose minerals through your kidneys. Minerals are essential for your metabolism, so if you have too few, you’ll be complaining of a headache. Take magnesium tablets and forget the headache.
  4. Eat first. You can have twice the fun at a party if you never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. You should preferably eat something hearty to reduce the effect of the alcohol. Chips work well to line your stomach, or slices of white bread dunked in olive oil.
  5. Fresh air is, of course, a reliable cure for the hangover from yesterday – especially if you have one of the wonderful Paznaun ski areas right in front of your door. Just take a look at the mountain top landscape in the Silvretta-Arena, and you’ll be feeling better already. On that note – Happy New Year 2018!