It sounds strange, but it’s true: quite a lot of people want to experience so much during their holiday that they don’t have time to relax at all. Trisanna has five tips for planned idleness:

be selfish

We all have our own rhythm, but everyday life doesn’t always let us keep to it. Holiday, though, is holiday, and it’s completely okay to go with it. If you get up early, you can go out on the slopes early, but don’t need to stay until the last ride up the mountain if you realize that you’d prefer to stay sitting on the chairlift. If you like a lie-in, it’s exactly the other way round. You’re naturally more careful when skiing downhill or cross country if you are really well rested. If you’re at all unsure: if it feels good, it is good.

let the weather be the weather

Seven days of sunshine would of course be wonderful, but the very nature of weather is that it doesn’t always play along. If you plan your holiday perfectly from start to finish to take advantage of every opportunity, you’re very likely to be disappointed. It’s much better to stay flexible, be equipped for bad weather as well as for the wellness area, and simply make the most of what it’s possible to do. It works.

listen to the pros

Is the ski tour still on or is the danger of avalanches too great? Can I also do it as a beginner or do I need to be an expert? Is this programme also suitable for hobby skiers? When it’s a matter of sport, snow and the Alps, the advice of experts and locals is always recommended. Better to be too careful than to end up in hospital, and better to be honest with yourself then spend the rest of the week laid up with strained muscles.

switch off

Of course you can pull out your mobile at every opportunity and check how high up you’ve come already, how many likes your photo from the summit has already got or what the news has to say. Another possibility is to simply enjoy the view, look out for animal tracks or watch how the clouds throw shadows on the snow-covered Alps. The white of winter is very soothing.

keep everything tidy

It’s so boringly middle-class it hurts, but if you don’t want to spend hours searching for your gloves, ski socks, hats, sunglasses, GoPros, helmet and other accessories, it’s a good idea to come up with a fool-proof system at the beginning of the holiday for keeping all your winter kit together. It should help to avoid stress in your relationship, too!