First things first: on 1 April, the German pop star is playing in Ischgl. His first concert on the mountain, Top of the Mountain. You can find other interesting facts about him here. And as a bonus, our top ten songs by the likeable singer from Karslruhe.

Max Giesinger was only 13 when he founded his first band. It was promisingly called “Deadly Punks”.

His favourite actor is Bud Spencer. That’s why the band he played in as a 20-year-old was also called “Bud Spencer Group”.

The twenty-year-old Max was still an amateur musician. But with a total of three bands (Bud Spencer Group, Sovereign Point and Maxville), he was already doing 70 gigs a year.

After graduating from high school, Max travelled to Australia and New Zealand and made his living there – as a street musician.

From 2006, he began uploading songs, his own and those of other people, onto YouTube.

In 2011 Max Giesinger took part in the casting show “The Voice of Germany”. He reached the final and, coached by Xavier Naidoo, ended up in fourth place.

He financed his first album Laufen lernen (Learning to walk) with a crowdfunding campaign.

The second album, Der Junge, der rennt (The running boy) appeared in 2016. The single “80 million” gave Max Giesinger his biggest chart hit to date. The video has been viewed 35 million times so far.