Yes, places change over the years. Trisanna’s photo editor has dug out old pictures and then photographed the same places for you again, several years later. Today: a beautiful Kappl mountain panorama.

Greetings from the Kappl of yesteryear. The picture was taken at a time when only black and white photography existed. It shows a lovely view over the village, taken from the opposite side, with the church tower standing out particularly well.

A few decades later, our Trisanna photographer hiked up to the top once more to take a photo from the same perspective. Quite a lot has happened since the time of the black and white picture: many new houses, businesses and streets have been added. Comparing the photos, the only thing of which there was more back then is the snow. On the other hand, we’ve got a lot more colours now!
Photo: Niko Havranek

The images come, by the way, from the excellent archives of the Vorarlberg photographer and postcard publisher Risch-Lau, whose photos are collected in the Vorarlberg State Library.