Bad weather? There is no such thing, just the wrong clothes. A saying which many skiers have heard more than once. But who are these people who (apparently in the very best clothes) brave any type of weather at all? We paid a visit to them on the downhill run in See.

Monday afternoon, 16.15, the Medrigjoch cable car valley station in See. The weather is, well, shall we call it challenging? It’s not especially cold, maybe three or four degrees centigrade. But it is windy. And it’s wet. The wrong kind of wet. It probably isn’t the best skiing weather – it’s more like sauna weather. Or walking-through-town-with-an-umbrella weather.
But suddenly something moves. On the downhill run, individual points can be seen: people who are not actually coming down the mountain in the cable car, but on skis. And they’re in a great mood.
So, step forward please!

Harry: “A real skier isn’t put off by any weather!”

Heinz: “There’s nothing better than coming down the piste alone.”

Margit: “As long as the lifts are going, so are we.”

Hadi: “It’s only really good fun when there’s ice under your skis.”

Birgit: “Every day on skis is a good day, in any weather.”