When a woman married someone from Galtür, it used to be said that she was going to “weiberhimmel” – heaven for women. It’s not just a story, it’s a truth about Paznaun. We tell you all about it here.

The reason for proclaiming the 790-strong parish of Galtür an earthly paradise for women lies hidden in its topography. Galtür lies at a height of 1 584 metres. In contrast to other communities in Paznaun, where life was supported by agriculture before the triumphant arrival of tourism, no crops ever ripened properly in Galtür – the summer simply didn’t last long enough at this altitude. So the people of Galtür – especially the women, of course, as you can see in our story about Luise Lexa – were exempt from the backbreaking work in the fields. Enough of a reason for people in the neighbouring parishes to consider Galtür paradise for women.