It’s hard to believe, but this picture shows Galtür in the year 1900. Back then, the town consisted of just a couple of scattered houses. Things are very different today. And colourful. The first road through Paznaun was only built in the 19th century, although “road” might be saying too much. It was really just a gravel track, full of potholes, making journeys really difficult. People still travelled, however, and so from the 19th century, tourists came to the highest town in Paznaun, too.  Behind this development were the mountain climbers, who had discovered a natural paradise in Silvretta. They were responsible for life and prosperity coming to the dirt poor town over the following centuries. Today, 788 people live in Galtür and are active in agriculture, livestock farming and many other professions. Easily the most important line of business today, though, is tourism.