Johannes Oerding is a star.  Everyone knows his hits, like “Kreise” or “Weiße Tauben.” Today the singer’s appearing at the Top of the Mountain Easter Concert. Here are five things that you never knew about Johannes Oerding. And his five best songs.

1 Fourteen years ago, Johannes Oerding had his first gig on the Reeperbahn. Udo Lindenberg was in the crowd that day – and he’s a big fan of Johannes now.

2 His hat is more or less his trademark. He owns 32 different hats – but only wears four or five of them. He keeps the rest, all the same, because every hat represents a phase of his life. And by the way: his very first one was a knitted hat.

3 His favourite drink is gin and tonic. Unfortunately he’s allergic to one of the ingredients in the drink. What exactly it he is, he doesn’t really know – either the juniper or the quinine. So he can only drink three or four glasses of it. Only.

4 Earthworms are not exactly his favourite animals. He thinks they have a slimy texture and a disgusting way of moving. Seeing an earthworm sends a cold shiver down his spine.

5 The singer actually studied business administration and international marketing in Holland. But Johannes always knew that he wanted to make music.