When Zucchero makes a guest appearance on the Idalp on Sunday, it will be hot. Italian pop music has a very special effect on us, after all. Trisanna presents twelve of the best Italian hits, in preparation for the open air concert in Ischgl.

1Zucchero: Senza Una Donna.
Everything that we love about the man from Roncocesi in concentrated form: gravelly voice, sentimental feeling, unforgettable melody.

2Umberto Tozzi: Ti amo.
The absolute favourite disco slow dance. Lots of schmaltz, lots of feeling, maximum Italian passion.

3Drupi: Piccola e fragile.
The ultimate hymn to world-weariness. If you can’t hear the lament of the eternal mandolins of the distant south in these sounds, then you
are beyond help.

4Al Bano And Romina Power: Felicitá.
Because we all know that you don’t just sip espresso in Italy,
there’s always dance music streaming from a window somewhere.
Pure happiness.

5Adriano Celentano: Azzurro.
More or less Italy’s secret national anthem. It evokes the shining sun,
the blue sea, and the fact that there’s always a bit of time for truth, goodness and beauty. Fantastic.

6Eros Ramazzoti, Luca Bignardi: Eros.
Ok, sure, this is another important reason why we love Italy: love.
And who could sing of love with such a melting voice better than
Eros himself.

7Gianna Nannini: Ragazzo dell’Europa.
An unbelievably sentimental but unforgettable hymn to getting to know each other, falling in love, splitting up and thinking of each other. Gianna and her raspy voice, a beautiful pair.

8Lucio Dalla: Tutta la vita.
Dalla is always seen as the poet of the Italian gutter. But he could also dance. And in this mega hit he conjures up the beauty of life.

9Riccardo Cocciante: Margherita.
No one could let his voice be as wonderfully raw as Cocciante.
He influenced generations of singers and those of a melancholic disposition.

10Francesco de Gregori: Ragazza del’95.
A ballad from the clever bard who is considered to be Italy’s very own Bob Dylan.

11Fabrizio de Andre: Andrea.
The ultimate Italian pop song. A seductive melody, a velvety voice and a heaven full of mandolins.

12Zucchero: Baila Morena
And here’s Zucchero’s smash hit, because there are really important things to do in Italy, too.  Let the dancing begin.