Why humour is healthy – and what it’s got do to with a couple of very special days in Paznaun.

Bernhard Ludwig has a sense of humour. And a soft spot for science. In his cabaret-workshop, he combines both things by explaining, for example, how diets always make you fatter.

Mr. Ludwig, your current cabaret-workshop is called “Instructions for a lusty life”. So what makes a lusty life, then?
When you can enjoy life with the right partner and are healthy enough to keep up a good sex life for a long time.

Can you learn that?
With me you can learn how you can be successful based on the latest scientific developments, and what that means for the individual.

How do you make that funny?
I grew up in a house full of doctors and noticed early on that you have to know something inside out if you want to make it funny. As these are all issues which greatly affect us emotionally, which really touch us, there’s humour everywhere. Especially when you turn the questions around.

Can you give me an example?
I discuss, for example, how can I be sure to get a heart attack? How can I get fatter and fatter by dieting? I really want to get across how to grow old healthily, stay clever and have a fulfilled sex life.

Cabaret artist Bernhard Ludwig appears at the “Lachfestival” (Festival of Laughter) in Ischgl

What makes your act a workshop as well, rather than just pure cabaret?
I require the absolute concentration and participation of the audience. They have to be engaged, so that it’s not just funny, but each member of the audience gets to learn something about themselves, too. That’s why I separate the sexes, for example, when we’re talking about sex.

You sit the men and women apart from one another?
Yes, because I develop the topic of sex by posing questions, and ask the audience to react by humming. As soon as you have partners sitting next to each other, though, and noticing how the other one has reacted to a particular question, they begin to lie with their humming. So the men and women sit apart, and it’s also really dark in the hall, so that you can’t see if other people are embarrassed.

And the audience goes for it?
Generally, yes. And if it doesn’t work, I normally realise pretty quickly, by the final applause at the latest. And I only let people applaud at the end – so they can concentrate.

Bernhard Ludwig is one of the cabaret artists appearing at the “Lachfestivals” Festival of Laughter (Laughing festival) in Ischgl.

From 8 – 14 July 2017, 14 cabaret artists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland will entertain you in the Silvretta Center, including Isabella Woldrich (with her act “Artgerechte Männerhaltung”- Handling men in a species-appropriate manner), Swiss musical cabaret artist Daniel Zeigler (“Der Bassimist” – The bassismist), Chris Boettecher (“Schluss mit lustig” – Getting serious) from Bavaria, or the Austrian Gregor Seberg (“Honigdachs” -Honeybadger).

Entrance is free of charge. Voluntary donations will go to the charity “Global Family”, which helps families in need go on holiday.