From June 30 to July 2, the first Women’s Summer Festival will take place in Paznaun. This weekend is all about leisure time, sport and relaxation for active women. Here are our four reasons why women sometimes prefer to be just with other women – especially when doing sport.

1 It’s not always about winning
Of course women are ambitious too, and of course women are also competitive. But sometimes it’s really quite nice when men aren’t there to spur it all on. Or at least those men who have to show off, without being asked and without stopping, just how good they are at sport. They don’t realise that sometimes it’s all about something totally different: perfecting a move, for example, savouring the flow, or simply having a bit of fun.

2We can do it ourselves
Nowadays sociologists, too, are taking an interest in a phenomenon familiar to many women from their own experience: men who give women unsolicited advice, especially when they think it’s a “man’s thing”. Some of them are just trying to be helpful, but others really do still think that women can’t adjust the bicycle seat, for example. We can manage that, and lot of other things too.

3 There’s no need for drama in the mountains
Sometimes it’s great, of course, when men try to impress women – but sometimes it’s simply not the right time. If you’re trying to improve your own sports performance or simply to enjoy nature, you don’t need a man around who puts his own high-level efforts centre stage by bellowing like an animal at each exertion.

4Wellness is not for losers
There are still men around for whom sport is only sport when their T-shirts are soaked through with sweat and they’ve used up all their reserves. There are women who are like that too, but there are also other types of women. They are sporty, but also want to relax without having to justify themselves in any way. Which is also a good idea for tired muscles and joints.

From June 30 to July 2, the Women’s Summer Festival 2017 offers an extensive programme of sport and activities which are aimed principally at women.

You can find all the details here