Ibex are one of the most fascinating animals in Paznaun. It isn’t always easy to come across them – but it might just be possible with these couple of tips.

If you ask Christoph Pfeifer where you should position yourself in Paznaun in order to see an ibex in the wild at least once in your life, he has to laugh.

“There are no absolute guarantees, but I do know a couple of reference points,” he says. The man from Galtür has worked as a mountain guide for 25 years, and ibex fascinate him now as then. “They are so elegant, even when they move over the steepest rock faces and enormous boulders,” says Christoph Pfeifer.

Climber and ibex specialist Christoph Pfeifer

Very different from the way humans move?

Pfeifer: “There’s no comparison at all!“

If you want to observe ibex, you first of all need to get up early and then go to either the Vallüla massif or the Klostertal valley. “The animals are easier to see around six in the morning, when there isn’t so much going on in the mountains yet,” says Christoph Pfeifer.

The chances of meeting a herd of these magnificent animals are also very good on one of the guided mountain hikes which take place each Wednesday up to the saddle between the small and big Vallüla peaks.

“Another possibility is in the Klostertal valley, on the Radsattel, on the way over to the Wiesbadener Hut,” recommends Christoph Pfeifer.

Now in the summer, you can also see many young animals who are still part of the herd. The bucks only break off from the female-dominated communities later in the year.

“If you meet an ibex, you should simply stay calm, not scare them and not bother them,” advises the mountain guide. The best way to see them in any case is from a respectful distance.