If you toil up the mountain on your bike, you’ll be rewarded in Paznaun with an enormous panoramic view. This attracts many mountain bikers. Six rules to make the very best of being together on the mountain.

1 Know what you can do
If you set out on trails and paths which are too difficult for you, you don’t just put yourself in danger, but other people too. If you aren’t sure, take some advice beforehand – on the dangers particular to the Alps, too.

2Keep control
It may well be that five times in a row, there is no one or nothing behind the trees at the narrow, nasty bend. But then suddenly there’s a deer there. Better to always look carefully where you are going.

3Be patient
Not all mountain bikers are as fast as each other, as experienced or as brave. Sometimes Alpine spaces are also shared with hikers. Overtaking is not a problem, but it should be done in such a way that no one thinks they are about to be run over from behind – at walking pace, in other words.

4Have the right kit
In winter and summer alike, the right kit is important. That includes sun cream, enough to drink and reliable guides to orientation – with a fully-charged battery.

5Stay on the trails
38 different routes are available for mountain bikers in the Silvretta Arena. They are of different levels of difficulty, with a range of landscapes, and can be very challenging. Away from the trails is nature, by the way – a living space whose inhabitants also want to be left in peace.

6Be responsible
It’s pretty much self-evident: what comes up the mountain must also come down. This doesn’t just apply to mountain bikers, but also to empty bottles, bags and the paper wrapping for that fabulous snack.