The most popular dish in the ski huts is yeast dumplings. Top chef Benjamin Parth from Restaurant Stüva makes yeast dumplings for Trisanna like you’ve never had before.

“A good yeast dumpling should be fluffy, and it’s fluffy if the dough is perfect,” says Benjamin Parth. This calls for a superpower which is mental rather than physical: patience.   Because the secret lies in letting the yeast dough rise for a long time, and in a fairly warm place.

“40 degrees it would be ideal,” says Parth. He prefers apricot jam for the filling, and vanilla sauce instead of poppy seed butter.

What makes a vanilla sauce a good vanilla sauce?

“Tahiti vanilla as a base – and a good drop of rum,” says Benjamin Parth. A few orange and lemon zests add a hint of freshness.

The recipe
130g yeast
2200g flour
1 litre of milk
325g sugar
325g butter
4 egg yolks
4 eggs
Lemon zest
18g vanilla sugar

Mix together the yeast, flour, sugar and lukewarm milk, and leave to rise.

Add the egg yolk, eggs, zest, vanilla sugar and butter.

Steam in a steamer at 90°C for around 15 minutes until
the dumplings are ready.

The ingredients
Kneading the dough
The dough rests under a heat lamp
Vanilla sauce
Stirring the vanilla sauce
Shaping the dough into dumplings (1)
Shaping the dough into dumplings (2)
Shaping the dough into dumplings (3)
Shaping the dough into dumplings (4)
The dumpling
The steamer
The finished dish