Okay, so the best of Ischgl is high up on the pistes. But what happens when the weather doesn’t play ball, when the lifts – and so the skiers, too – have to take a break because of heavy snowfall?  It’s really not that bad, say the people we met down in the town. There’s more to Ischgl than the best ski slopes in world, after all. You don’t often see Ischgl like this during the day: the main street is full, but the Prennerhang slope is empty. And we’re also somehow missing the usual clacking of ski boots today. What’s not missing, however, is the good atmosphere. Because yes, there is something special about so much snow. And of course, super snow conditions must come from somewhere, as the slope experts are happy to admit. And if you look very carefully, you can recognize people with narrow skis over their shoulders, going past the valley station to the cross country ski trail. You don’t need a cable car to go cross country skiing, after all. But that’s just one of many alternatives to downhill skiing. What else can you do? We asked around.

Uwe and Peter from Germany aren’t bothered by the lift closure. They often take a break from skiing. They normally go to the spa in their hotel. But today they’re going out for a very special meal with their wives, because Peter’s turning 60. Congratulations!!
The ski group from Sweden pass the time walking and playing cards. They say: “When you’re on holiday, it’s not so such about what you do, but who you are with. And we’re in a great mood.”
Duska and Danko from Croatia have explored Ischgl beyond the ski slopes today and say: “It’s really beautiful here”. But happiest of all is their dog, who’s been able to come with them today for once.
The Swiss girls enjoy doing sport in heavy snowfall, too. They say: “We came here to go skiing, and we’re not going to be put off by a couple of flakes. And the cross country ski trails are just wonderful in Ischgl, just like the pistes.”