“Downhill”, the brilliant comedy starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, largely takes place in Ischgl. The film has already been released in the USA, and the main characters and director have now shared with us what they learnt about the country and the people when they were shooting in Ischgl. Be warned – it’s very funny! “The Austrians are actually very polite people, but when it comes to skiing, they really don’t have a sense of humour.” These are not the words of just anyone, but of Hollywood superstar Will Ferrell, who took a seat on the couch last week on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers to talk about filming “Downhill”. The film, as we know, was shot in Ischgl and tells the story of an American family’s skiing holiday in our favourite ski area. Ferrell was particularly struck by how badly the Austrians pushed and shoved at the ski lift. His director, Nat Faxon, also remembered this experience: “Skiing in Austria is really different. They push and shove. In the USA, you queue in an orderly fashion for the lifts, but in Austria – wow, there’s a door at the front and everyone goes for it, without any consideration. You always get someone else’s ski between your legs, they push into you and look as if they’ve got nothing to do with it. And if you ever turn to look behind you, whoosh, they’ve overtaken you. But it’s ok, it’s a national sport over there.” What also struck the crew: “The people in Ischgl are really nice. And they’re all excellent skiers. Really.” Both the lead actors went skiing themselves on every free weekend because the ski area is so fantastic. Ferrell got lost one time and was stranded in Samnaun without a phone or any money (you can see more here). Julia Louis-Dreyfus, on the other hand, had some difficulties with European sauna culture in Ischgl. “The people are all completely naked,” said the Emmy prize winner, known to fans of the series as the fantastic US president in VEEP. Dreyfus explained: “Suddenly two men came in and dropped their towels.” But that didn’t put the actress off, either. And in general, “The filming was great and the Austrians are really polite.” You can see all the highlights from the interview here.