Last Saturday, the international Almkäse Olympics, already in its 25th edition, took place in Galtür. 72 awards were presented to alpine dairy farmers from Austria, and some of those prizes naturally stayed within Pazanun. External appearances? Unimportant. The inner value is what’s important, in life just as much as in the culinary arts. This is true for cheese as well, of course – and the very best cheeses, too. More than 100 alpine dairy farmers from throughout the Alpine region came to Galtür at the weekend to present their best produce. The cheese was rated according to four criteria: external appearance, internal appearance, taste and consistency. And at the end there were three daily winners, winners in a total of 14 categories and then what’s known as the “Dreikäsehoch Prize” – the Baby Cheeses Prize, where a particularly strict jury of children selected their favourite cheese. Austria, the traditional home of cheese, scooped up a total of 72 awards. The prize for the best hard cheese went to Jakob Mathis of the Gulm-Gävis-Alp in Vorarlberg, and the best semi-hard cheese went to Beat Mathis from Switzerland. The most individual awards in different categories were presented to Hermann and Patrick Huber from Galtür – their cheese creations came in the top three a total of five times.

The cheese event, created by Norbert Walter from Galtür and Hannes Reinalter from Kappl, and organized by the Galtür young rural population, was once again a great success. 3 500 visitors swarmed into the Galtür sport and cultural centre – perhaps because you couldn’t just look at and smell the cheeses, you could taste them, too.