Skiing is a competitive battle, there’s no denying it. It should be fun, but all the same, you always have at least one eye on other people. The positions they’re skiing in, if they’re just as fast as you, and what are they wearing? Trisanna knows when you’re with the cool guys and when, sadly, you’re not.

on the way to the ski lift

The real pro wears light trainers, their ski boots thrown casually over their shoulders. They stroll towards the gondola light of foot, with their ski trousers turned up so you can see their socks flash past. Losers have already outed themselves in the valley – with the agonized look they have because, of course, they’ve been traipsing along in heavy shoes for fifteen minutes already.

pole position on the mountain

The cool kids swap their trainers for their ski boots during the ride up the mountain and get themselves completely ready to ski inside the lift. Once at the top, they jump straight out of the gondola, into their skis and straight down the slope. Whilst they’re already on their third round, the less casual amongst are still up on the peak after twenty minutes and fighting, bathed in sweat, with the top ski strap.

the position on the skis

From the lifts, you have a good view of the piste. Apart from the neon-coloured ski suits, which are a real no-no, you’re now mostly looking at the positions of the people on skis. The people who can’t ski at speed anymore and are rattling backwards down the slope. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. But cool is really something else. Our tip: it’s better to bend your knees a bit lower. Then you ski more easily and safely – and, most importantly, it looks better.


Last but not least: the outfit. Because, yes, it does also tell you a lot about your ability. An absolute no go: tucking your ski trousers into your boots. This means you’re showing other people straightaway that you’ve never seen deep snow close up. And then there’s the gaper gap. This is the name for the space between your ski googles and your helmet. If you think it looks cool (and yes, it does), you won’t worry about the sunburn on your forehead the following day, either.