Last year, Ischgl introduced what’s known as the Crew Card, giving staff working in Ischgl a whole range of discounts. The project has now been extended throughout all of Paznaun. We spoke with the organizers.

you introduced what’s known as the crew card in ISCHGL LAST YEAR. IT’S EVIDENTLY BEEN VERY SUCCESSFUL, as this season, the card’s also available in other towns in paznaun. why is that?

Maritta Jungmann: It’s about appreciating the people working in our region – they’re the most important people in any business and they should feel happy not only when they’re working, but also outside the job – in their leisure time and in their temporary hometown. This is precisely what the CREW cards programme is making happen throughout Paznaun. With the CREW card, anyone working in a business in Paznaun can take part in a fantastic range of opportunities in leisure and training.
Maritta Jungmann

why do think that people have responded to the offer?

Because there’s a growing desire for added value and appreciation. With benefits like cheaper shopping, discounts on food, drink and wellness activities, or special training and sports programmes, we can meet that need.

which offers work best? More the sports programme, leisure activities or the opportunities for further training?

Sport and leisure programmes like ski courses, cross country skiing, the ice rink or fat bikes are very popular in winter. Our staff are just as active as our visitors, and we draw on what we have around here to offer several items on the programme to the CREW.  The discounts for different leisure activities from shopping to wellness treatments, and even some free offers, are also very well received, of course. And the further training programme is beginning to get going now, too. Our “CREW Learning Nuggets”, short workshops with the latest news on different topics, are proving very popular – there were 38 participants in the “Champagne & its myths” Learning Nugget.

what have you learnt from your experiences in the first year? what are you doing differently this year?

What’s different is that the project has been extended, so that it’s four times bigger and many more people are involved. That goes for the people working in the tourism association department organizing the programme, too – there are now three of them. We are responsible now for around 5 000 staff and 1 000 businesses from all sectors throughout the whole valley. The work hasn’t changed, though, meaning we still need to systematically build relationships between the branches, businesses and staff.

Do the crew cards really make it easier for the tourism sector in Paznaun to attract staff?

Through a huge number of conversations like this, we have already found out that some new staff members really did become aware of our region because of the CREW card. Nowhere else in the Tyrol offers such a customized programme of training, sport and leisure activities for staff, as far as we know. We’re delighted that we can score points for Paznaun like this, and that people choose to work for an employer here.

and is it true that staff can meet up with each other through crew card events?

We had our first TREFF.Punkt.CREW meeting in December with 100 people taking part – so yes, it does offer plenty of opportunities to connect with other people. As observers, it’s true to say that people laughed, danced and exchanged telephone numbers at the end. But it’s not just the events, our Facebook groups are also used to arrange meet ups around all the different activities.

What can we expect for the coming season?

We send out our varied, full CREW programme to all businesses in Paznaun each month. The highlights are the meetings for all staff, the TREFF.Punkt.CREW, which we organize ourselves each month. There’s also more tidbits from the CREW Learning Nugget range to look forward to, on topics such as communication, cocktails, gin or gourmet cuisine. And if you don’t know all the ski areas in Paznaun, our Instagram competition runs til the middle of March on our Insta page crew_paznaun_ischgl.
We’re giving away ski passes to our four ski areas every month.