The summer was very long. The winter is already within reach. Sometimes, early in the morning, you can smell it. In between lies autumn, a season under-appreciated in the mountains. Trisanna brings you wonderful autumn images from photographer Ronald Lorenz of Galtür.

The first snow. You see it and know that it won’t survive the rays of the still-warm sun. But it reminds us that the winter season will begin in barely more than a month.

First snow. Good for an afternoon.

The sky is high. Visibility is exceptional. If you have time for hiking, you’ll find the most beautiful moments in the mountains right now.

View towards Galtür. In the foreground: the Trisanna.

The cows have long since been driven down from the mountain pastures. It could start snowing at any moment. The mountain peaks are dusted white and stand in wonderful contrast to the autumn colours in the valley.

The leaves are changing colour. The view of the birch crown encapsulates autumn. The sun is bright, almost summery. The sky is blue. But we can smell the scent of fallen leaves just by looking at this photo.