This is where we take an occasional look at the big moral questions in the daily life of a skier. Such as how should we react to people who just yank open the cablecar window even though it’s really cold and snowing?

The cablecar is one of the greatest blessings of modern skiing. There is always a cabin in the valley station, you never have to wait long, and there’s always a seat, too. When you come to the valley station after a long, tiring descent, then you know you can sit down within a few minutes. You can stretch out your legs.You can relax a bit, maybe even warm up a bit on cold days.

But then at the last minute, an unpleasant fellow passenger always gets into the cablecar, turns around, and before you can even complain, yanks open the cabin window. Maybe just a chink as it won’t go any further, but it’s wide enough to let in plenty of cold air. And wind. And instead of a comfortable, almost drowsy trip up the mountain, the next ten or fifteen mintues turn into a frosty experience. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it rude? Absolutely. But should we complain about it? No.

Because a complaint to a fresh air enthusiast would inevitably be followed by a long, verbal confrontation. Fresh air freaks are like that, they don’t like being told what to do – and they want to have their fresh air. So a relaxed ride up the mountain would definitely be out of the question, as the window yanker would be grumbling incessantly to themselves. In which case it’s better to sink deep into your anorak on the ride up the mountain, making sure you at least have a bit of a rest.

And then again, maybe there’s a good reason why they yanked open the window. Maybe they just wanted to be polite because they’ve come straight from a smoky pub. Or perhaps they’re going to open up their rucksack in a minute and unpack a snack.

And then you would have to stand up yourself and open the window. And that would be a great feat of athleticism in the midst of a period of rest. And it would be very rude.