A neutral, white ski outfit is a thing of real beauty. But what about when it’s foggy and snowing? Right, that’s when your outfit really has to pop on the slopes! Trisanna has been on the lookout for real fashion pros.

Being safe on the slopes is the most important thing in a winter holiday. But there’s no harm, of course, in looking great at the same time. However, as most of us only have one ski outfit, these two factors – fashion and safety – can be pitted against each other in certain weather conditions. Such as when your clothing is light and almost colourless – and the weather is, too. So Trisanna’s fashion editor went in search of the ideal outfits on a very snowy day. The ones you really can’t miss – and which look great. Brilliantly bright, in fact …


Example 1
 The stylish quilt

Example 2
 The pink candy

You can’t get better than this …

… you really can’t.

Example 3
 Glowing at aprés ski