Ski goggles are perhaps the most under-appreciated part of winter sport gear. But the ideal goggles don’t just give you comfort and style – they are first and foremost about functionality, and that means safety. Trisanna’s found the best goggles around right now for different weather conditions.

Quite a lot has happened in the ski goggles sector in recent years. Not only do they look better, but, thanks to new technologies, they also provide much better visibility. Martina Haselwanter has specialized in ski goggles at Sport Adler for eight years. We asked her to pick her top three favourites – and got her to try them on for us while she was at it.

for perfect sunny days

Anon Mig

The expert says: “These goggles have a very soft, comfortable frame which also looks very stylish. There’s a magnet built in under the glasses, too, where you can attach a Buff scarf. In very bright sunshine, the sunglass itself is effective, it darkens really well to light level 3-4. A brand which is very popular amongst freestylers and snowboarders, and bought a lot by young people.”

Price: 179.99 euros


for snowy powder days

Oakley Hi Pink Iridium

The expert says: “Perfect for really bad weather. The good thing about these goggles is that they lighten extremely well. The Prizm lens, a new technology from Oakley, lets you see everything much more clearly. It doesn’t distort, and works out the contours out very well. A safe ski in bad visibility.”

Price: 209.99 euros


the best all-round goggles

Alpina Big Horn

The expert says: “Goggles which are good for any kind of weather. The vario-flex lens can give a light strength of between 1 and 3. In snowy weather, it lightens to 3, in the sunshine it darkens to level 1. It adapts throughout the day to the light conditions. Technically speaking, a really good set of goggles.

Price: 199.99 euros