Paznaun is a really bloodthirsty part of the world – at least, Paznaun as it appears in local legends. Even at Christmas. Episode 2: the legend of a gift which almost tore a family apart at Christmas.

In the Kappl hamlet of Langesthei some time ago there lived Simas Andrä. The young man was a mason and worked in Hungary in the summertime. There he met a beautiful young woman, with whom he spent a great deal of time. What had to happen happened, of course – they fell in love with each other.

But their love was hopeless, because Simas Andrä had to go back to his mother and brother in Paznaun in late autumn. As a parting gift, she gave her beloved a silver spoon to remind him of her for always.

At home, Andrä at first spoke neither of his love nor of the gift which he had received from her. Only at Christmas, when his mother served the festive soup, did he bring out the spoon to eat with. And recounted where the fine silverware came from.

His wary mother advised her son not to eat from the spoon himself, but to test it out on his dog first of all. So Andrä fed the animal with it, whereupon the dog became restless and finally charged wildly out of the house and ran away. Where to? To Hungary, to Andrä’s beloved. For she did not want to wait for the next season, and instead tried to bring Andrä back to her with the help of the silver spoon.