As it’s not as hot in the mountains as on the flat, the power of the sun is often underestimated. Seven numbers to help you to enjoy the sun’s rays as much as possible.

5:35 is a magic number in Paznaun right now, as that’s when the sun rises at the moment. It will have moved back to 5:57 by the end of July, but that still means you have to get up pretty early if you want to see the first rays of the sun reaching out through the Alps.

4% The higher you go, the stronger the sun’s UV radiation is, even though the temperature is cooler. For every 100 metres higher you go, radiation increases by around 4 percent. Some estimates assume an even bigger increase. This is because the higher you go, the thinner the atmosphere becomes – meaning less radiation can be absorbed.

30 If you’re out and about in the Alps, you should use sun cream factor 30 at the very least. Don’t forget that your lips, throat and head also need to be protected – with the right clothing as well as with sun creams.

70% If you think you don’t need sun protection when the sky’s cloudy, you’re sadly mistaken: 70 percent of UV radiation can also penetrate a thin covering of cloud.

100% Sunglasses are particularly important in areas where there are glaciers or snow, which reflect the light and thereby increase radiation levels by up to 100%. This is why sunglasses with 100% UV protection are recommended.

1 hour That the sun plays a role in the human body’s important production of Vitamin D is undisputed. How much sun is really good for us, however, and how happy it really makes us, is a matter of debate amongst experts. One school of thought recommends being outside for one hour each day.

21:12 The sun sets at 21:12 at the moment. By the end of the July it will take its leave as early as 20:51. But that still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the sun sensibly!