What does someone from Paznaun mean when they say “Schneaflocka” and other strange words? Trisanna has the answers, of course – and brings you an introduction to the finest points of a very special language, right here. (It means snowflake, or “Schneeflocke” in German, by the way, but that’s an easy one).

It can be pretty confusing sometimes being on holiday in Paznaun. At least (or most of all) when you want to communicate, because the Paznaun dialect is not always easy to decipher. To avoid any misunderstandings, we’ve provided you with a little help here. For example, a couple of expressions that you might need in the evenings.

Zåggla; Zågglr – ragged clothes; a man wearing ragged clothes

Úmfåhrbesa – someone always on the go, moving from one place to the next

Beschti – affectionate, playful term for a smart, funny girl or woman

schmianzla – grin, smirk

schmarggala, schmearggala – to smell bad

an Schmårra Galt, an Schlåp Galt – a load of money