Marko Ladner is well-known as a freestyler so talented that he even cut a good figure at the Olympics. He’s had a look around the terrain park in Ischgl for Trisanna – and gives us three reasons why he thinks it’s great.

Marco Ladner turns 20 in a couple of days. The Olympian keeps on coming back to Ischgl’s terrain park, even towards the end of the season. He shares with Trisanna the three reasons why he thinks the giant park, a safe bet for snow in spring too, is so great.



1The terrain park is always “well shaped”, as it’s called in freestyler speech, which means it’s always excellently prepared. Even when there are lots of people out on the individual tracks and obstacles, the conditions stay good. A team is responsible for making sure that everything’s set up quickly and properly.


something for everyone

2 There are obstacles in the terrain park for beginners, for people with a few more skills in terms of jumps and tricks on the individual features – and also for complete experts like Marco. “It’s just never dull here, there are loads of possibilities and the obstacles are always being changed, too,” says the freestyler.


super locaton

3It’s really easy to get to Idalpe, where the terrain park is laid out. But for Marco there’s another reason why the fun park’s location is so good: the view. Because even for professionals, it’s not just about the perfect trick. And certainly not when the mountain panorama is as impressive as this.