Once a year, Galtür transforms into the world capital of city cross-country ski runs. It’s that time of year again today. Welcome to the Nordic Night Race, Volume II.

Eight curves through the houses in the centre of Galtür, briefly out of the town and then back at a sprint. All of that at night and under floodlights (well, if you’re quick enough to get into the final, that is). Everything in skating style, of course, and if you’re unlucky in the draw, then up against the very best, the real professionals. This is the Nordic Night Race in Galtür, it takes place today and it’s a very special spectacle.

What’s particularly exciting is that normal cross-country skiers can also enter the competition – the Nordic Night Race is open to everyone who’s signed up in time. As is normal in sprint races, you don’t have to be a particularly consistent long-distance cross-country skier either. You just need to be strong at sprinting, because in the final you have to do two rounds, covering a distance of one kilometre.

And then it’s a tough battle. A wild race along a narrow route, through the town and past the spectators. There are four starters in each heat, two of whom go into the next round. And so on until only four are left. And the first one to come home is the winner. Here are a couple of impressions from last year.

The starter field in 2019 is particularly spectacular. For the men, for example, the Austrian biathletes Simon Eder and Dominik Landertinger are starting, as well as the young cross-country star Urban Lentsch. From Germany there’s biathlete Simon Schempp and the Nordic combined athlete Vinzenz Geiger; from France the two cross-country skiers Maurice Manificat and Adrien Backsheider. Defending champion Pal Troan Aune from Norway is also amongst the starters.

Galtür Nordic Night Race at a glimpse

  • When: 27 March 2019 at 17:00
  • Discipline: night skating sprint with free technique
  • Where: in the centre of Galtür
  • Participation: free of charge, limited number of participants, open to all. Registration by 16.30 today at the Galtür Tourism Association (TVB Galtür)