Bouldering is a challenging sport. If you want to conquer the mighty rocks, you need strength, courage and the right trainer. Trisanna was there when some very determined schoolchildren had a go for the first time in the Boulderpark Galtür.


The scenery alone takes your breath away. The boulder area in the Silva Park is at the foot of a very impressive mountain – the Ballunspitze. This is where a huge number of rocks with with a total of more than 160 routes wait to be climbed. It doesn’t even require a huge amount of kit. Bouldering is done without a rope or a helmet, as it’s all about “climbing at jump altitude.” Our young climbers just needed climbing boots. The mats which they fall down onto if a climb is too steep can be hired in Galtür.

The Boulderpark Galtür was the ideas of climbing legend Bernd Zangerl. The climbing park includes more than eight sectors with different degrees of difficulty – up to 8c. Every year the master shows bouldering newcomers the best tips and tricks on the rocks.

An experience for everyone (see the picture below). The next course for all young people wanting to climb takes place on 7 September, just at the end of the summer holidays.

From the left: Seiwald Robin, Zangerl Tobias, Kurz Samuel, Kurz Tobias, Salner Lionel, Zangerl Luca, Pinzger Nadine, Laimböck Luisa, Zeller Lara, Walser Theresa, Kathrein Benjamin (hidden in the background), Walser Nico, Kleinhans Lilli, Rudigier Jonathan, Zehnle Nina, and Betreiber Bernd Zangerl (with the cap) In the back: school head Paul Tschiderer and mountain guide Christoph Pfeifer