It’s beautiful. Special. And 133 years old. These pictures let you see the Trisanna Bridge with the eyes of someone who doesn’t yet take the technical achievement for granted.

The Trisanna Bridge or, as it was originally called, the Wiesberger Bridge, greets visitors to Paznaun from a great height. The 230 metre long bridge bestrides the entrance to the Paznaun valley at a height of 87 metres.

Trisanna has already reported in detail on the story of the railway that was built in the 1880s. As is well known, it called for a complicated construction at kilometre 80.3 of the Arlberg line to span the entrance to the Paznaun valley. For many decades, the steel tied arch bridge was the longest railway bridge in Austria.

We found the following images in the archives of the Austrian National Library. They celebrate the beauty of technology in a natural setting – firstly in classic black and white pictures, and then with the first colour photos as well.

For us, it’s an invitation to rummage around in the past. And not lose sight of the beauty of the present.