The Easter holidays start tomorrow, and with them the part of the season which leisurely skiers most look forward to: sunny skiing (although the weather forecast for today and tomorrow means this could just be theoretical). All the same, Trisanna has five tips you should take to heart:
  • Be fit in soft snow.
The sun doesn’t just warm your face, it also warms the piste. Around midday the slopes turn soft. If you still want to carve, you need power in your thighs.
  • Get up early.
Of course, soft slopes in the afternoon are not for everyone. So if you want to experience sun and super slopes, you have to get up early (and then go straight back to the Palinkopfbahn cable car. Why? Find out here)
  • The ideal ski
It’s not just the slopes which are important, your equipment is, too. In the morning you still need the edges, in the afternoons in corn snow a more turn-friendly ski is better. So we can leave the downhill bars in the ski cellar right now.
  • The sunny days outfit
If the sun is shining, the temperatures can quickly reach double figures. In which case you can leave the extra thick jumper at home. But your outfit should be windproof and (especially) waterproof.  Dressing in layers is the best way to be prepared for all weather conditions. Just put on several layers which can be taken off again as necessary. Absolutely the most important accessories are ski goggles. Ideally choose some with a stronger tinting for sun protection.
  • Sun care
Even if it doesn’t feel like it, the sun is just as powerful as in summer, and becasue of the altitude, even more intense than in Caorle. So: rub in the sun cream! And don’t start with anything less than factor 30.