2 151 metres high up on the Muttenalpe, high over Paznaun, proud, solidly built and reached by a steep footpath (or a moderately steep road): the charming Friedrichshafener Hut consists of two different buildings, one for hikers in need of a bed, the other for anyone who’s hungry or thirsty. Part 2 of Trisanna’s series on the mountain huts of Paznaun.

The most surprising thing about this hut is not the fabulous view of the Silvretta and the awe-inspiring Fluchthorn, but the small mountain lake on the shores of which the Friedrichshafener Hut stands. A lake in which you can not only cool off nicely, if you like water temperatures of twelve or fourteen degrees, but one you can also paddle right across in a boat.

The Friedrichshafener Hut was originally put up on the mountain by private individuals, until it was taken over by the Alpine Club in 1924. The climb up here is simple, but steep. As soon as you have hiked up over the tree line, you’re rewarded for mastering the steep bends with a stunning view. From Mathon the hike lasts a good two hours, from Galtür two and three quarter hours.

It is worth aiming for the Friedrichshafener Hut for the delicious cakes and pastries alone, but it is of course also the starting point for further hikes. The Friedrichshafener Weg path over the Muttenjoch takes some three hours across to the Heilbronner Hut; or you can reach the Konstanzer Hut over the Schafbicheljoch and throught the Fasultal valley in three hours.

The most important tip for tenacious summer fans: don’t forget your swimming costume!