Ronald Lorenz is a photographer based in Galtür (here’s his Trisanna portrait). Ronni’s motto is: capture the moments. He’s chosen his five favourite photos from this season for Trisanna. And explains why.

Dreiländerspitze peak at 3 197m. This is where the three states of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Graubünden meet.


Ronald Lorenz on challenges: “Photography always presents a challenge, actually. That’s what makes the work exciting! You can almost never take the same shot twice …”

Simple, plain and beautiful: Paznaun traditional dress (Nicole Kurz)

Ronald Lorenz on landscape photography: “Photographing landscapes is primarily about one thing: is there too much in it? Is there too little? How should I crop it? The atmosphere is crucial and the time of day, too. Then you also have to think, how do I get to the place I’m photographing, and what equipment should I take with me? You can see that you do need to do a bit of planning.”

Always impressive in its majesty: the Ballunspitze, symbol of the far end of Paznaun

Ronald Lorenz on mountain photography: “The possibilities are often limited, particularly when you’re dealing with a high or challenging mountain. What’s important for me is not just taking a viable photo. I also like to get to the destination “fairly”, too. I like being on the move outside and “feeling” the surroundings. I always carry my equipment myself, and it’s packed as standard in my rucksack.”

The Breitspitze, winter 2018, with a view of the neighbours in Montafon (Johanna Bergthaler)


Original Ischgl local and mountain guide, Emil ZangerlRonald Lorenz on portrait photography: “In portraits like the one of Nicole in Paznaun traditional costume, location and timing are important. Outdoors always depends very much on the time of day. Soft light is an advantage. For a good portrait, I think, it’s also simply about depicting the person as he or she is known by everyone. As with Emil as mountain guide, who I’ve been out and about with on more than one occasion. If you have the camera there too, you can create authentic images. I’m not after impressionistic moods, everything should be as real as possible.”