An occasional series discussing the big questions of skiing – questions with only yes or no answers. Today: should you really go right up to the top again at 4pm? Pro: sure, of course! At 4pm you can casually pretend that you don’t understand the lift attendant when he says “last ride.” At 4.01 there’s definitely no waiting time at the lift anymore. At 4.02 you can even lie down across the length of the six-seater chairlift and sleep until you reach the top (well, you can’t really, of course, but theoretically you could). At 4.03 you can listen to loud music on the chairlift and not disturb anyone.  At 4.04 you can make yourself a sausage sandwich without upsetting anyone.  At 4.05 you can eat the sausage sandwich. At 4.06 you can play the song from before again, and this time REALLY LOUDLY. At 4.07 you can sing along to it. At 4.08 you might realize that you’ve been singing the completely wrong lyrics because the song is in German after all and not in English. At 4.09 you can start to arrange your sunglasses. At 4.10 you can jump out onto the slopes and enjoy seeing them so empty and free of people, which is otherwise only the case at 8 o’clock in the morning.
Contra: absolutely not! If you ride the lift til the last moment, firstly, you obviously just can’t get enough. If you’re the type of person who rides the lift til the last moment, you also carry on eating when you’ve been full for a long time, put on trousers even when they could stand up by themselves they’re so dirty, and stay so long in the bathtub that you either begin to shiver from cold or slip under the water fast asleep – or both.  If you always ride until the last lift, however, you also obviously haven’t done it right earlier on, you haven’t skied every downhill run as if it were the last one, haven’t given your best in every contest, so that you could save your strength for the stressful final run, and more than anything, you haven’t enjoyed everything there is to enjoy in the landscape, the skies, the air and the headwind,  which are so much better than the excitement created by, for example, putting yourself under pressure at 3.55 when you’re still right at the top but need one more lift ride up the mountain so that you can maybe still make it for a final time at 4.01. If you always ride up until the last lift, you’re also the first one to stand in the queue for the lift at 8 am. And then realize that you’ve still got another half an hour to wait before it starts.