An occasional series discussing the big questions of skiing – questions with only yes or no answers. Today: is it ok for a couple to wear the same skiing gear?

Pro: and how!

Matching outfits for anyone other than twin children doesn’t really have a good name. At best, it’s uncool; at worst, it’s doubling up on bad taste, as there’s automatically twice as much tacky clothing if both partners are wearing the same thing. But when you’re skiing it makes complete sense to go for matching outfits, as other skiers can see pretty quickly who belongs to whom. They can work out more easily where you’re likely to ski to – very probably after the other jacket which looks just like yours. So matching outfits on the slopes provides a certain clarity. You know who belongs together – there’s a reason why the ski school kids wear matching tops these days. At worst, matching outfits on the slopes is still a bit uncool; at best, though, it’s twice as stylish. It just depends what outfits you pick.


Contra: absolutely not!

Dalmatians, for example. Two Dalmatians jumping around next to each other in the snow look incredibly sweet. Or drinks. Two Long Island Ice Teas look better than one, especially during the two-for-the-price-of-one Happy Hour offer (and after two Long Island Ice Teas, everything looks fantastic anyway, but that’s another story). When you’re skiing, too, it’s better to have two of everything and not just one, including gloves, as well as sunglasses and lenses, within limits. But otherwise?

Two people wearing the same ski jacket always look odd (unless they’re ski instructors or part of a mountain rescue team). Two people in the same jacket always want to make it clear that they belong together. That they’re a team. But they don’t think that most fellow skiers really don’t want to know. Unless the couple in the same jackets are police officers. Then the other skiers do want to know about it – albeit for other reasons.