An occasional series discussing the big questions of skiing – questions with only yes or no answers. Today: is it cool to have music blasting out of your backpack?

Pro: and how!

It’s actually quite hard to understand how you could put up with being on the slopes without music. Because what else do you have listen to? The clattering of the chairlift, maybe, as it rolls over the lift supports, the clank of ski poles when people copy the pros and knock them together before starting, a couple of howling kids and, more than anything, a whole lot of meaningless conversations about whether we should ski left now and then later over to the red 3, or go left later after all? It’s not as if ski resorts are full of the sounds of nature which it would be a shame to ruin.

The only refreshing acoustic moments anyway are when you swing past the huts and – up, down, up, down – you bob along for a bit in time to the music beating down over the terrace from the hut. And you definitely won’t be the only one – everyone else in your group will be doing it too.

So we come to the music box in the backpack. Because music is much better, after all, when you listen to it together rather than alone. Because it’s nicer when we bob up and down together than when everyone has little plugs in their ears. So let us all listen to the music we like. Not just in the huts. And preferably so loud that other people can enjoy it, too.

Contra: absolutely not!

David Guetta. DJ Bobo. Rammstein. “Despacito”. DJ Ötzi. Ed Sheeran. Pizzera and Jaus. David Guetta, yes, really. Avicii. Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber. Nickelback. Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt. James Blunt. Robin Schulz. Again, and yes, really: David Guetta! Bruno Mars. Enrique Iglesias. Ariana Grande. Steve Aoki. STEVE AOKI! Drake. Lil Skies & Rich the Kid. Alison Gold. And, of course, David Guetta.

Of course you can annoy your fellow human beings a bit sometimes. But you don’t have to torture them.