There are certain slopes for special circumstances. Today we reveal where you should ski if you want to feel like Marcel Hirscher just for once. Spoiler: it’s Piste 38 down to the Gampenbahn chairlift.

The 38 is pretty much Ischgl’s permanent racing track. It goes from Höllspitze to Gampenalp, and if you had to create a perfect giant slalom slope for ski tourists, it would be the 38. It is steep, but not too steep, it has a huge amount of crossovers between different terrains, bumps and crests which are sometimes hidden from view, over which you can jump at a certain speed (ok, so perhaps you should only do that if you’re more or less alone on the piste, Ed.).

Time and again it breaks away first to the right and then to the left. It is wide enough for overtaking (which you’ll definitely need to do more than once as an amateur Marcel), but is still not a motorway piste. And more than anything, the 38 is not a straight downhill trick, but invites plenty of cornering.

And how.

The approach from the new Gampenbahn mountain station is particularly ideal as it goes over the black 33 piste at the start. So you can have a good run-in there and carve a few turns. Ideally you should do it first thing in the morning when firstly, the piste is still free and secondly, you have the sun on your back, which means your shadow is in front of you, and the stylists amongst us can not only watch themselves when skiing but even try out a couple of changes of position.

Which are, between you and me, most of us need.

But the best thing about the 38 is that you have to end up at the brand new Gampenbahn. The journey up the Palinkopf then takes eight minutes, and you need that time to recover, too. If you don’t, then you haven’t really skied the slope in proper Hirscher style.