She’s run the primary school in Kappl since 2017, likes Blankasee, and enjoys seeing her schoolchildren laughing and being a bit silly from time to time. Trisanna meets Alexandra Wechner.


Alexandra Wechner


Place of residence

Head of Kappl primary school

Married to Peter since 1998
Children: Laura, born in 2011; Elias, born in 2003

Do you enjoy being head of Kappl primary school?
I have been head since 1 September 2017. I was deputy head before then and had already taken on several organisational responsibilities, so it wasn’t really new territory for me. I don’t regret for one second taking on this challenging role in such a lovely school building.

What makes your job special?
Being able to work with children, and also make a difference in some way through my job as head of the school. I have taken on a first year class this school year, which I would like to teach through to the fourth class.

How many pupils and teachers are there at your school?
There are currently 76 children and 7 teachers.

To what extent are the children already influenced by the strong presence of tourism in Paznaun?
Despite the strong presence of tourism in Paznaun, the children in Kappl are still very well-behaved and healthy, and, thank God, they laugh often and are also a bit silly every now and again.

Your favourite expression in the Paznaun dialect?
Triachta (weight gain)

Your favourite meal?
Zoachna Kiachla (a traditional Austrian sweet or savoury dumpling), made by my mother-in-law

Your favourite place in Paznaun?
Blankasee above Durrichalm

Describe the people of Kappl as a race:
Stubborn and hard-working

If Kappl were an animal, which would it be?
A wolf

Your favourite colour in summer?

Where do you find a moment of peace?
On the top of a mountain in Paznaun

Your favourite song with a Paznaun connection?
“Ein Hoch auf uns” by Andreas Bourani (Idalpe 2017)

The most important accessory in summer?

Your favourite time of day?
Early evening

The most important changes over the course of the last decade?
Personally, the birth of my children. Professionally, being assigned the headship of Kappl primary school in September 2017.